A new industrial and commercial centre is being implemented at Ecser, right at the administrational border of Budapest, located adjacent with Ferihegy airport run by Budapest Airport Inc. The area is bordered by M0 motorway, the airport and Ecser village. In the framework of the development a new town will be built that can become the model for widely-recognised concept of intermodality.

According to the Budapest Greater Area Regulation Plan the land will be cut by the lead-in section of the planned M4 motorway.

The modification of the regulation plan of the area has been prepared in tight co-operation of the local municipality and the developer. The new regulation plan makes the intermodal centre become reality with a connection to Budapest Airport. This is the only area in Hungary with a direct road, railway and air connection. The Budapest Eastern Station- Szolnok railway is bordering the site from the North, the M0 motorway from the East and Budapest Airport from the South.

The size of the complex development area exceeds 410 hectares, from which 200 hectares have been sold. According to the regulation plan the remaining 210 hectares are under 17 lot registration numbers and zoned commercial, industrial, economic and partly residential and mixed-function.

The zoning features of the commercial industrial-economic area:

  • Maximum coverage: 40%
  • Maximum building height: 24 metres

The zoning features of the residential and mixed-function areas:

  • Maximum coverage: 20-30%
  • Maximum building height: 5.5-6.5 metres

The predicted timeframe for the total land development is 5-10 years. The development is scheduled land by land. The public utilities will be in place by the end of this year: electric wires, water network and sewage pipes alongside road no. 3101. On the basis of the agreement with Földgázszállító Zrt, the gas de-pressurizer will be constructed and this will secure a long-term gas supply of the site.